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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hermit Thrushes - Benaki

I first heard Hermit Thrushes at a music house/venue in New Milford called Groove Street. It was the headquarters of Tape Reels For Eyes and where some of the most impressively noisey CT music of the 00's was born. Hermit Thrushes wasn't especially noisey, and made use of horns, and had multi instrumentalists who took up several positions. I was really impressed with the combination of heartfelt/boastful and meek/muted these guys had. I picked up a copy of their album Benaki in 2007 I think, and I played it many many times. I included tracks on mixes. So many good tracks. The best one for me is Fourth, the drum switches drive me up a wall. The title track is wonderful in every way. It has that sunny Pavement vibe with Melodica and Trombone (I believe). Started to is another weird track, like it speaks my musical language in a way that's hard to explain. I remember them playing In The Shower live and it was pretty grand, triumphant and emotional. It's really hard to explain this bands sound. Like SUPER proggy, maybe even near impossible to follow at times, moody, melodic and not, self deprecating but easy going...
Download this album, and if you like it a bunch, go give these dudes 5 bucks at their bandcamp. They are still making records and no doubt confusing a ton of people in Philly (where they operate out of) wherever they go


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