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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Auraphull, to aid in your celebration of ZOO DAY

Those of you who know me personally know that a part of me lives inside the world of 12 oz. Mouse. 12 oz. Mouse was a short lived 20 episode tv show on Adult Swim that started off silly and random but over time developed into a brilliantly bizarre wonderland of espionage and drama. Clearly calling on classically absurd and wondrous shows like The Prisoner and Twin Peaks, this show can be taken as silly nonsense or as deeply thought provoking story layers and heart felt character emotion. I watched attentively as it aired, following the journey week to week obsessively. I would spend serious time between episodes pondering what would happen next. I wouldn't get frustrated when episodes like "STAR WARS VII" went nowhere and kept the plot stationary, I would simply enjoy more time with my favorite 1 dimensional characters.

For the uninitiated, 12 oz. Mouse centers on a green mouse alcoholic who (unbeknownst to him) is called "Mouse" "Fitz" and "Butch". He seems to re-awaken constantly in state of near amnesia in this city made out of cardboard. Populating the city are extremely odd characters (not just in personality but in physical design as well).  Much like The Prisoner, Mouse spends much of his time learning who he can trust, and who his captors are. Mouse has one of the best side-kicks ever created, a squealing, violent squirrel called "Skillet". Mouse and Skillet are best friends and their partnership is in that classic "buddy cop" vein.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this series which begins as frustratingly plot-less as is possible in a show, had moments in its ending that brought me to tears. To step back and think about that is nearly funny, but to immerse yourself into the story and these characters, you will know the spots I am talking about, and YES it is CRAZY sad.

"Zoo Day" is a holiday created by fans of the show. It takes place on 2/22 because the clock (and all clocks for that matter) in the show is stuck on 2:22 (a significant plot point), and it's called Zoo Day because of a wonderfully funny scene where Producer Man is having a conversation with Shark about them getting together for Zoo Day, and possibly going on "tour". Producer Man says "Come on Shark! It's me and you and me and you AND WE GO TO THE ZOO!" and then he shows a T-shirt he got made featuring himself and shark holding hands and balloons (see image above).

I cannot recommend this show enough. And I hope you see it like I do if you try.

For now, and for Zoo Day, I present to you an episode from the 2nd and final season of 12 oz. Mouse, an episode which doesn't progress the plot, but rather serves as an exhibition of a chunk of the music produced for the series, accompanied by odd, unused animations and other video. It has a tiny piece of story at the end, amounting to less than 4 minutes.




  1. Iv'e been trying to find this episode to use the lounnge song as my ringtone. I had to watch every episode on adult swim to find this one. I love this show but haven't watched in a few years so I forgot where this episode was in the series . I Won't say I understand the plot all the way but Iknow a good story when I see one. No one else I have ever met likes this show or will even stick around for it but I love it and think they can't see through the camougflauge of weird.This show is a true example of art in that on;y some will like what they see and some just see what they like, but if you look enough you might see something thats not just yourself. if that makes any sense. thank you for posting this, at least one person out there feels a little less crazy.

    1. thanks for commenting, i feel a little less crazy now too :)

    2. thanks for commenting, i feel a little less crazy now too :)