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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Guided By Voices - Back To Saturn X (aborted)

Another of the famous aborted GBV albums, this one is called "Back To Saturn X". Fans will recognize that name as a song title on Propeller, where-in an audio collage/medley of some of these tracks appear.

Back To Saturn X stands apart from Corpse-Like Sleep Of Stupidity for me because Back To Saturn X is so INSANELY poppy in comparison. The sequence and the songs are riddled with poppy songs and hooks. I feel like this would have been nearly as popular as Bee Thousand, if released after the point where people heard and began to understand the lo-fi, tape based audio aesthetic of the band.

Opening with Fantasy Creeps (from King Shit and The Golden Boys), it's the lowest of fi's blended with that sing-a-long style. It leads into another terrible quality gem Perch Warble. Perch Warble has appeared on most of the Suitcase releases, mainly because there are a few versions of Perch Warble. Next is one of my favorite older GBV songs, Dusty Bushworms. I have covered this song more than a few times.

Now the album delves more into the Corpse-Like territory with Scalding Creek, Melted Pat, Spring Tigers and Tractor Rape Chain (Clean It Up). This is a fine sequence weaving in and out of songs that would eventually spread out across MANY releases.

We get back into the King Shit vibe with Crutch Came Slinking and Sopor Joe, some Chicken Blows from Alien Lanes, and then we come to the riveting finale. Scissors And The Clay Ox (In) from Suitcase 1 into Damn Good Mr. Jam and then the title track Back To Saturn X. This final set of songs really ties the whole thing together and keeps the pop going strong even towards the end!

This one is killer, and can replay a 100 times in my ears without getting old.


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