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Thursday, March 20, 2014

AN OWL IS AN OWL IS AN OWL - a short film to be filed under WTF?

I think this page has 2 kinds of posts. Posts where I have an abundance of personal information about a project, and posts where I have basically no information. This is a post where I have basically no information.

I was friends with a dude who liked to horde all kinds of weird data. From time to time I would bring my external HD over to his place and he would load me up with weird stuff. This little short was suddenly in my life. Much of the stuff he would give me I would try out late at night when I was bored. This was an extremely unsettling experience for me, like a bad dream on VHS.

I quickly began loving this little clip.

I have recently found it on youtube, and it is embedded below


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